The use of Lasers is the biggest advantage in the Medical and Dental field in the last 20 years. Lasers are sterile, atraumatic, no noise and much easier acceptable to everybody.

At out practice we have the privilege of 3 Laser systems for the treatment of a very wide range of work in Dentistry and Facial Cosmetics:

Dentistry applications:

  • Examination of teeth with Lasers reveals caries and hairline fractures previously only detected when pain is experienced.
  • Gum disease treated painless.
  • Healing after surgery twice as fast.
  • Implants integration twice as fast.
  • Orthodontic teeth straighten faster.
  • Root canal treatment achieves 99% bacterial elimination (opposed to 70-80% with conventional treatment) resulting in little or no pain afterwards.
  • Ulcers cured in 5 minutes.
  • TMJ joint pain solved in 3-5X ten minute sessions.
  • Crown lengthening and soft tissue treatment painless, bloodless and no suturing.
  • Countless other procedures much less or almost no pain.

Cosmetic Facial Treatment

  • Fractional Laser treatment to rejuvenate skin by stimulating collagen is the most recent innovation and got FDA (USA) approval in November 2018!!
  • Removal of scars, polyps, ulcers, pigmentations, instant and painless.
  • Acne scars disappear after 1-2 treatments.
  • Deep tissue pain treatment for muscle, ligament, frozen shoulder.
  • Wound healing after operations happens twice/three times faster.